Work With Us

Getting started with us depends on where you are with your project and also determined by what degree you would like us to be involved. We can take your project all the way through from conception to turn-key, it’s up to you to determine how much of a role we will assume. We have a professional Construction Project Manager on staff.

work with us - number 1

Your Architect

Work with your own architect or local home designer. It’s important to involve us early in the process for all considerations about the timber frame design as well as wall & roof panel integration that could be relevant for your design team.

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Pick a House Plan

Peruse the home designs & floor plans from our website and let’s adapt it to your lifestyle as well as other special considerations about the property where you have chosen to build. We have home designers on staff or if you prefer, we have relationships with many architects that we can recommend throughout Canada and the USA.

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Our Home Designers

Let us help you to design your home from the ground up. We love to come out and “kick dirt” with our clients and walk the property to hear about and incorporate what is important in your new home. Any route you choose in the design phase will also bring about discussions around energy modelling. That’s to say the energy-efficiency that you desire to achieve with your new home. This objective could be an ENERGY STAR rating or Passive House Certification. At British Columbia Timberframe, we are qualified to achieve either of these markers.

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Submit for Sign Offs & Permit

Once designed to your complete satisfaction, the timber frame is then signed off by structural engineers and your home project is now ready to submit for a building permit. We can do this on your behalf. The estimated length of the permit approval process will determine when we put your home into production at the factory. This is the perfect time to advance key decisions, one of which is the lighting plan for the home. When you build such a magnificent and exposed timber structure, you want to be sure to light it up and our Interior Designer is here to help.

work with us - number 5

Construction Stage to Lock-Up

Time to make it real, you now have a building permit. Your building team will hit the shovels, build forms for the foundation, and bring in your plumbing and energy sources. In this initial stage your timber frame and prefabricated building panels, if you have chosen this solution, are also delivered and raised. Your electrician will be on site to wire the home for all the lighting and smart functionality you are choosing to incorporate. Other major components such as windows and doors and even your roof will go on the home as well as any deck construction and waterproof liners for patios will be laid. Once all these major components are in place and you can lock the home, you will have achieved “lock up”… for those working with a construction mortgage, the bank sends in an appraiser and you will receive more funding for the next round of construction to come.

work with us - number 6

Finishing Stage to Move-in!

Now, you will really start to see progress! Working with our Interior Designer or one of your choice, it’s now time for drywall, floor finishing, staircases, fireplaces, kitchen installation, bathroom fixtures, tile, railings, closets and lighting installation. Plumbers, electricians and gas fitters will all be on the site at various times in this stage to make progress on the build. As for the exterior of the home, the siding will be put in place, driveways, landscaping, gutters and downspouts, deck finishing will now start to roll out and maybe you even planned for exterior lighting details? Don’t forget the painting or staining inside and out and soon you’ll be ready for your final inspection. When you’re almost ready to move-in, book a post-construction window clean and call the movers!

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