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Light It Up!

Have you ever lived in a home and wondered who was responsible for the lighting plan? Maybe you’ve thought things like, why isn’t there a switch here or a light over there. Or, it would be great if these lights dimmed and there was one more light outside leading to the door.

Excellent lighting requires a thoughtful and well-executed plan. At British Columbia Timberframe Co., when we talk with you in the design phase of your project, we are diligent in discussing the lighting plan in great detail.

When you are building a stunning timber frame home that exposes the finest coastal Douglas fir in the world, correct lighting placement is imperative to showcase your beautifully crafted home. It also contributes to the overall aesthetics and mood of each room.

With years of experience, and the assistance of an in-house interior designer, British Columbia Timberframe is able to help you determine what is important in the early design phase of your home. We encourage our clients to consider furniture placement when devising a plan – measurements help to determine where outlets and switches will be placed.

Do you have expensive art that should be featured with special lighting? A desk lamp that needs an outlet? And maybe your living room furniture is centred in the room and you need an outlet for a side table lamp. This is where outlets in the floor are considered to avoid rogue wires that look messy and can be tripped over. And wall lighting needs precision and foresight.   

You may also have a workspace that needs to be bright and requires a significant amount of overhead lighting. A timber staircase definitely deserves its own lighted path and pendant lighting above the kitchen island will require some pre drilling and planning.

And don’t forget the beautiful exposed rafter beams in the extra high ceilings. They can look dark and low with a lack of recessed lighting.  Infloor lights are also possible to light up the stunning wood grain in the timbers from the ground up.  

The glow of your home from the exterior perspective is your chance to make an exceptional first impression. Exterior lighting is often overlooked and is essential to enjoying the outdoor features of your home and showcasing high end features. Ensuring there is adequate lighting for timber frame covered decks and patios spaces is important.

And make sure your friends can find you – use feature lighting to show off your custom made house number plates!

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